A word of thanks for your knowledgeable assistance and professional service regarding the new ice maker I purchased from you.
 Last week the ice maker in my GE side-by-side refrigerator stopped making ice.  About all I could do was check the water supply and found that my filter was blocked.  I replaced it and found that I once again had a strong water supply to the cold water dispenser, but still no ice.  So, I did  what a lot of folks probably do, I went on line looking for ice maker prices and advice/tips.  Fortunately, I found your site and was particularly impressed by the many favorable comments regarding your service and assistance.  Particularly the ones that described how you helped the customer through the install process.  Also I will say that your price was the best of several other sites that I looked at.  I called your number and you answered promptly, and after giving you just a few facts about my problem, it was immediately evident that you had extensive knowledge of all makes/models of ice makers.  It was as if you were standing next to me troubleshooting the problem, you spoke in  plain, easy to understand terminology, something any customer would greatly appreciate.  Even more importantly, you didn't try to sell any/all related parts, in fact you said 'one part at a time, the ice maker first.'
During the call, I ordered the ice maker that you recommended.  Later that  same day I received your email confirming the order, including an instructional install attachment, and a shipment tracking number.  Three business days later I received the shipment and I live half way across the U.S. from your location.  I installed the new ice maker and it immediately it cycled but no water was initially dispensed to fill the ice maker.  So, I violated one of your most basic instructions:  "Do not micromanage the process", and immediately called you.  You patiently said to give it some time to cycle on its own, a day or so. 
Well, it is the next day now, I'm sending this note to say that I now have over a 1/2 bucket of ice and it is cycling about every 1 1/2 hours as normal.  Thanks again for your assistance.  Your professionalism and service is exceptional.
DC in Kansas City